Nucleus Software appoints Prema Rajaraman as its Chief People Officer.

It’s all a matter of perception, at the end of the day. Our challenges can either make us or break us, and Prema chose to see those very challenges as stepping stones to a brighter future. “I’m here to have a good time, to learn, to overcome challenges, to grow, to give back to society.” Is Prema’s mindset. Happy, cheerful and optimistic, she doesn’t stop when everything else stops.

Prema has over 20 years of experience in IT delivery projects and 5 years of Training young graduates to enter the workforce. She has recently been appointed as Chief People Officer at Nucleus Software. Having undertaken some of the most ambitious HR projects the company has seen in the current times, she has in a short period of time successfully established herself in her new role.

It is her dream to make Nucleus Software the most culturally strong organization. In her own words, “If the fabric of the organization is strong, whatever challenges and cracks are faced, it would be overcome as a team. Culture can create wonders, as well as increase performance, productivity, and retention. Culture can improve everyone as a person: better parents, better child to parents, giving back to society in a certain way. We spend the maximum time at work. During that time, if we become the best that we can be, we can help others too. The organization is grounded, yet we aim for the sky.”

Around the time Nucleus School of Banking Technology was set up, she worked part-time, and went where recruiters don’t go. To watch these very same individuals in the company flourish, provides a fulfillment nothing else can. To her, Nucleus Software symbolizes fulfillment vs. revenue, Eastern vs. Western. Nucleus feels like family, like home to Prema.

Due to circumstantial reasons, there were periods when she had to be away from Nucleus Software. However, her heart never forgot Nucleus. At one point of time when she was not a part of the company, she even reached out to a Nucleite and asked “Can I come back home now?”.It was never her plan to lead Human Resources. Give her something to code and she is happy, as long as she contributes to the company.

‘What fuels her inner fire?’, you may ask. Her parents were the first and biggest influencers in her life. They epitomized working hard, to give back to society, with no expectations of any return. Her Mother-in-law was has been her pillar of strength as she endured household responsibilities as well as taking care of the children.

At work, she is greatly influenced by Vishnu sir, Parag sir and RP sir. To quote Prema, “Vishnu sir is at peak energy 24*7 and I cannot fathom what is going on his head!”. Parag sir stands for hard work and effort, as well as unshakeable integrity. RP sir influenced Prema most by his principle on problem-solving: simple solutions to complex problems.

Nothing seems like a challenge to Prema. She has always believed “I have miles to go before I sleep, there is so much I do not know.”
Her message to newcomers is –

” At the very end, we realise it is never about us; it is about how well we fit in the overall scheme. You start doing things in the best way possible and the sphere of influence enlarges. There are no shortcuts in life. Things may not always work out in the way we planned. But that only implies that we work harder and smarter.
Hop on to a wonderful and exciting journey, all in a place just like home”