A passion for Numbers and Emerging Tech brought Gaurav to Nucleus Software

Nucleus Software provides a playground for anyone who believes Numbers and Emerging Tech are their game.

Gaurav Tyagi, an Associate Architect in Technology Management group at Nucleus Software, enjoys dabbling in both.

A graduate of UP Technical University, Gaurav had a short stint at the National Informatics Centre (NIC), an institution owned by the Indian government, where they support infrastructure for government IT projects across the country.

His breakthrough moment appeared in the most unexpected way while working at a large bank in Mumbai. A small sum of Rs.1.07 provided to be the base of a puzzle to be solved by him.

For a particular project with this bank, Gaurav had to narrow down the credit card holders who had made overseas transactions. He spoke to colleagues and gained deeper understanding of the matter. After the decimal, numbers can be classified into various types. After the whole number, the space for decimals is maintained at two characters. For international transactions, the books record the transactions in more than two characters after the decimal.

Since the numbers had to be adjusted to two characters after the decimal, an error had crept in. Once the problem was identified, Gaurav could get down to finding out the right solution. Within a few hours, it was complete, and the princely sum of Rs. 1.07 adjusted in the books!

After NSBT training, a senior informed him that the messaging engine for the newly launched FinnAxia needed some work. The specific task? Whenever the messaging engine was being implemented with any financial institution, the implementation team should not have to write any code.

It was a new challenge for Gaurav. The tricky part he had to address was that each process of integration at banks and financial institutions was different from each other. So, he had to ideate something that could allow the integration of multiple interfaces. Eventually, he went on to integrate 70 interfaces for a bank in South Africa.

An avid learner, his urge to know more leads him down previously unknown paths, filled with great knowledge and learning.

Says Gaurav, “Impossible can be a reality if you believe in yourself. It takes a little while to understand the dimensions of the challenge. Once there is more clarity, goals can be achieved.”

Family and friends mean a lot to Gaurav.

His father, a farmer, had made every effort to make sure the three siblings were well educated.

When he needed help while at university, a friend reminded him, ‘If your grades slipped slowly, it would similarly take time to move up if you can make a good effort.’ It is a reminder that he always carries with him.

A fervent reader of science fiction and emerging technologies, it is his quest to learn and try to be better with each passing day.

Keep going, Gaurav! We’re excited to see what comes next!