Missed a hattrick but won a lifetime experience at Nucleus Software

At Nucleus Software, our colleagues are not just our co-workers, but a part of our Family.

Raju Lal, Associate VP in Product Engineering of FinnAxia at Nucleus Software, is known for his work on multiple projects, both nationally and internationally, such as Compensation Benchmarking for PwC India, Relationship & building with HAFIS, Ministry of Health, Canada, Cash@Will and FinnAxia, Japan, and implementing the very same in our very own desi Bank of Baroda! Were there challenges? How can there not be? But he overcame them all with flying colours!

Upon asking about a fond memories at Nucleus Software, he told us, “Motivated by a surprise party for one of our seniors, I started giving surprise parties to my family members- my daughters, my wife and my siblings. I never realised I was training my daughters.
On my 25th wedding anniversary, my daughters made elaborate plans for celebration and kept it as a surprise for both of us. We were taken to the venue and I got the surprise of my life when I saw my colleagues from Nucleus and some of our management members with their families to grace this important occasion of my life! It brings tears of joy whenever I think about it.”

“In the early days, we used to have fun awards called the Nucnut awards. I got the title of “Hitler” due to my height two years in a row. Sadly, before I could achieve a hat trick, someone else won this award!”

They say a flower grows only when the soil is fertile, and that’s exactly what happened. Nucleus Software proved to be the soil, storm, and the rain.

Keep flying high, Raju!