Nothing comes easy, learn to excel!

Young and enterprising, Nishtha Goel is the Senior Lead Business Analyst in Application Services at Nucleus Software. A high spirited individual, Nishtha believes in living life to the fullest!

Her versatile nature reflects not only in the determination she shows at work but also in her hobbies like singing and dancing and her curiosity to constantly learn in every sphere of life!

Nishtha has been with Nucleus Software for the past 12 years; it is her first job after completing MBA in Finance from ICFAI and graduating with Computer Science Honors from Delhi University. Nucleus was the stepping stone of her career and since then she has glued herself to the company. At present, she is working on a project for PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

Nishtha is passionate about her work at Nucleus and feels that the leaders of this organization handle things in a balanced and professional way. They provide ample opportunities to grow, explore and learn. Nishtha has worked in multiple departments with different leaders and feels fortunate to learn from their mentorship.

To excel professionally one needs to be sure that their family commitments are taken care of, shares Nishtha. Nucleus has the work from home and Flexi work model which gives its employees the leverage to fulfill their commitments at both ends!

Nothing comes easy, every job has its set of challenges, Nishtha shares that at times it is difficult to create a quality outcome in one go. After multiple iterations, achieving quality output every time becomes a part of you! Another important aspect is to have foolproof planning and clarity of thought on bird eye view for risk mitigation. Last but not least is to gradually upskill to become a leader and lead others by example. 

Nucleus treats its employees like a family, everyone is treated with equal importance, shares Nishtha from her own experience. The leaders are very approachable and their personal bond with every employee is very inspiring. People feel more responsible and accountable towards their work. Nishtha still remembers her first Diwali celebration at Nucleus when Vishnu Sir himself distributed gifts to his team. She could recall many such memorable moments, like getting accolades, various mentoring sessions, and cultural events like Diwali fun, and Nucleus Premier League fever to name a few.

Nishtha has a very inspirational message for those joining the company, “Keep learning from everyone and every situation, learning should never stop. Try to imbibe the spirit of learning and give your best shot, if you do so no one can stop you from excelling”.

“Listen to your parents, respect them a lot, love your brother and sister. It is the code of our culture.

Some part of you is a reflection of your mother, your father, your background. Be honest with yourself, and do what you want.”

“That sense of pride we all seek? It comes from building something that lasts beyond this lifetime”, he says.