Everyone has a story but the ones that enlighten your mind and inspire your spirit are the best kind!

And here we are covering yet another Nucleite, Indu Anand, AVP Finnaxia Implementation and her 19 year old journey with Nucleus Software!

It is highly commendable for a woman to become AVP from a beginner and still burn the midnight oil to grow and learn continuously. Indu is grateful and humble when she narrates her journey at Nucleus Software. Her heart swells with pride when she recalls her achievements. She has donned many hats and explored many role changes with ease. She believes there is no dearth of opportunity in Nucleus if you are willing to grind and prove your abilities. Her biggest virtue was she left no stone unturned in producing results in whatever role she was given by constantly upgrading herself.

Indu did her engineering in late 1990’s and started as a developer thereafter. She completed level 3 certification and joined Nucleus starting with QA vertical. Indu exclaims how she got a massive learning opportunity in the start of her journey, however on her behest she was soon transferred to another vertical. Here she aggressively learned the product domain and her mentors helped in the transition. Gradually she was put to a client-facing role by Ms. Sandhya Verma, the BU head. This is how she progressed till 2013. During that time a parallel team was working on a product called Finnaxia and Indu was moved to a senior role of implementing the product to multiple customers. And today, Indu stands strong as the AVP of Finnaxia Implementation!

Greatness lies in humility!

Indu says her success mantra was that she always learned about her product and domain, even when she was in a management role she never lost touch of the basics.
Indu is thankful to her mentors like Vijay Sharma, Mohit Gupta , Alok Aggarwal , Harshit jain, Vishnu Sir and RP sir. Indu says the faith and respect shown by so many seasoned professionals in her abilities gave her strength to take responsibility and progress in her career. 

Two milestones shared by Indu were a turning point for her, firstly ABN Amro ( RBS ) prestigious project where she and her team handled 12 countries live, secondly the launch of Finnaxia in Nigeria where she had to travel for smooth implementation. She came out in flying colors and owes her success to these notable milestones in her journey. 

Indu’s message to the young professionals is to make all interactions with customers meaningful as the customer is the king. “They should give their 200% and grab any opportunity to learn and upgrade their skills.” – says Indu.


“Growth comes naturally to people who are deserving in Nucleus” says Indu Anand.

Indu opens up about the wonderful culture of Nucleus Software where employees have freedom to choose opportunities, different verticals or even profiles. This diversity offered in the organization is rare to find elsewhere.. At Nucleus Software they believe in talent creation through rigorous training programmes. The values imbibed at Nucleus which are never compromised are – quality of the product and the commitment to the clients.

Indu is one of the few senior women leaders in higher management and firmly believes in women empowerment.

She says never in her nineteen years tenure has she ever experienced any gender based discrimination, on the contorary whenever she needed support to maintain her work life balance the team always stood by her. Being a woman of many professional aspirations it was not easy for her in personal life , but she had full support of her family especially her husband and daughter and she was always there for them when they needed her the most.

She sums up her success story by saying she takes a lot of pride in being a Nucliete and to be in the position she is today and in her words, “It is all about the hard work and confidence you demonstrate at work, if you are there for the company so is the company there for you always. If you work hard and keep learning, then you keep growing, as lifelong learning is the key to success”
Indu’s inspiring journey truly reflects that successful people become outstanding performers only because they become lifelong learners!