Focus on the three C’s at Work –
Capacity, Competence, and Capability!

While we have read many stories of Nucleites commencing their professional journeys with Nucleus Software as freshers, today we unfold the journey of an experienced Nucleite who joined us with two decades of work experience. And this surely is an inspirational one!

Arvind Viswas began his career after being placed during his campus placement in a non IT company, post which he switched to the IT industry where he gained 20+ years of experience working with overseas customers. He joined Nucleus about 5 years ago via his friend’s reference. He feels grateful for the opportunity as his journey with Nucleus has been prolific.

Arvind started with managing offshore deliveries for Nozomi services business unit, a Japanese customer. His focus was quality improvement, revenue generation, providing solutions, schedules and costs for existing and acquiring new business leads. He later on moved to work with USA customers. Arvind’s role also required him to mentor the team. At present he has an additional responsibility to manage the cloud business unit. He manages multiple GA version customers on all modules of FinnOne.

Arvind’s tenure at Nucleus has given him ample exposure to travel to different geographies and it has evolved him by the magnitude of learning he picked up through the diverse cultures. Arvind even became adept in different languages! It has enriched his career having honed different skills on the job. He learned to adjust and adapt to changes around him. Arvind is humbly grateful for providing him Inclusive working on projects and domain understanding on lending space along with the opportunity to work with the customers of diverse geographies.

Whether personal or professional, Arvind believes in sailing through storms of life.

He feels it is not easy to maintain Work life balance for IT professionals as some days are lean and some very heavy; it is upto the individual to find a balance. There was a time when he had to return from a USA based project midway to India as his mother was seriously ill. It was his worst nightmare, however he restarted the project once he returned.

Arvind does not have a single role model. He gets inspired by the virtues of all the people around him. His Parents, Spouse, kids, in-laws, Organization leaders, his team members and many more, have all been inspirations in his life. His motto in life is to do quality work, if you provide quality, you get quantity is his belief as one is the foundation to another. To maintain quality, he elaborated the importance of three C’s [Capacity, Competence and Capability] in all endeavors.

Arvind has not one but diverse notions on how one can align with the core values of the organization.

In his words, “When mistakes are made, we need to own them. Do lots of homework and learn from mistakes of the past. Sometimes, it goes right instead of left. So, accept and understand how to do better. At the same time, when we succeed, we should maintain our calm and be humble!”

Arvind’s two cents to the new joiners reflects his experience –
“Have faith in yourselves and the framework of the organization. You are not alone, mentors are always there to guide you. This organization is like a family. Adapt, adjust and grow in different roles assigned to you. Take baby steps, pick up one technology at a time, basics are the same, all you need is the right understanding. And with all this in place, you can build your future right!”

“Listen to your parents, respect them a lot, love your brother and sister. It is the code of our culture.

Some part of you is a reflection of your mother, your father, your background. Be honest with yourself, and do what you want.”

“That sense of pride we all seek? It comes from building something that lasts beyond this lifetime”, he says.