Learn to Persevere, you will never fail!

“If you don’t create a great, rewarding place for people to work, they won’t do great work’. -Ari Weinzweig

Words of wisdom truly applicable to Nucleus Software, where young talent like Ashish Khanna began his career, continued to achieve remarkable milestones to reach higher management, all just in a span of 14 years!

We live in deeds and not in years! – Such is the story of Ashish.

Ashish was born and brought up in a business family in Delhi. His deep-rooted values were passed to him by his Father. Throughout his childhood he observed his father take tough business decisions when the going got tough and always emerged as a winner. Ashish’s strong character is inherited from his father who taught him to have clarity of thought, to never compromise on his values and always work in a transparent manner.

Academically Ashish did well for himself; he completed his B Tech in Computer Science from IP University, Delhi. Further, he completed his Executive MBA from The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Delhi. Today, he stands tall as Head of Financial Inclusion and Corporate Affairs and other Strategic Initiatives at Nucleus Software. He also helps as advisor to the Nucleus Software foundation, whose goal is to use technology to engage and educate underprivileged children in Primary Schools.

Motivating employees to work at their full potential is the main premise of Nucleus Software!

No wonder Ashish who joined as a fresher has grown within the company to achieve such heights. His work, determination and perseverance speak for him. In Ashish’s words “Nucleus Software is one of the few companies that provide you with immense opportunities and means to advance both professionally and personally.”

Nothing comes easy, carve your own niche!

Ashish’s success story began in his first year of joining when he was given an opportunity to lead a module implementation overseas. There was no turning back for this talented man thereafter. He got onboard the company’s requirements and accepted all new and challenging opportunities aimed his way.

To find success, love your work!

Ashish Khanna worked on products like FinnOne, PaySe and many more. Ashish explains very passionately about his current financial inclusion product PaySe. It is the world’s first offline secure digital cash solution that has the potential to transform digital transactions. He explains that the unavailability of financial services to the bottom of the pyramid is the most significant impediment to inclusive growth. PaySe will shift society away from cash at all levels. He adds, people like cash because of its hidden properties, no reliance on a third party for validation and lack of financial literacy among the masses. PaySe simply digitizes cash while retaining its properties and is authorized by RBI. Ashish is the man behind delivering PaySe. He is proud to be associated with Nucleus Software, a pioneer in developing IP based products that have a positive impact on the masses.

Ashish’s take on work life balance

Ashish Khanna had been Globetrotting to fulfil his various assignments and roles, away from his family, but he has always tried to maintain a work life balance. He strongly believes in the quote by Dolly Parton, “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” Despite his busy schedule, he finds time for his family, especially his two years old toddler. Infact, his bond with his parents is apparent, as he recalls his favorite memory at Nucleus Software when parents of top performers were invited to a dinner. He could feel the pride in his parents’ eyes to know that their son was playing his part in contributing to society at large. Ashish has a lot of gratitude towards his father, who shaped his values!

Great things come to those who persevere against all odds!

Ashish has evolved as a professional over the years and says he learned to respect everyone at work as it is the core value of Nucleus.

His major learnings from his tenure at Nucleus are to be resilient in life, to persevere and never stop learning new things.

His loud and clear message to newcomers is that Nucleus is the best place to build a career. And to evolve as a professional, his advice is to always work hard, have great ideas and lead by example!.

“Listen to your parents, respect them a lot, love your brother and sister. It is the code of our culture.

Some part of you is a reflection of your mother, your father, your background. Be honest with yourself, and do what you want.”

“That sense of pride we all seek? It comes from building something that lasts beyond this lifetime”, he says.