They say learning and teaching go hand in hand, this is quite appropriate for Neha Goyal, Solutions Consultant NSB. Her role has been dynamic since the day she joined Nucleus Software. Being a Business consultant and a trainer, Neha has been conducting Product functional training for fellow Nucleites. Neha has been trying to bring about a positive change in soft skills of her colleagues, teaching them how to value different opinions, being a good listener and understanding others perspective by being empathetic. 

Neha recalls nostalgically how 2011 was a landmark year in her life. She got married in January 2011, and joined Nucleus Software within two weeks of getting married. Since then it has been an enriching journey of over 11 years!

Coming from the Banking sector Neha had always seen Software from the user’s point of view. Nucleus taught her to visualize it as a ‘Product’, it was a new learning for her. Neha was eager to learn and she coped with all the ups and down to make her journey at Nucleus more meaningful. There were achievements, accolades and some grey moments too, but Neha kept nudging forward to prove herself and conquered every phase!

Neha shares how she has got the opportunity to work in various roles and BU’s. She joined as a Business Analyst in BDG and started working on RFPs and POCs, then she moved to Business Analyst Group, worked on RFPs, Client Demos, Customer CRS, Product Roadmap, Product Documents and Project Implementation. After handling multiple project Implementation Neha finally moved to NSBT as a full time Trainer. Currently she is conducting training for both FinnOne and FinnOne Neo products. This was the remarkable journey of her from being a novice to a Trainer. And in Neha’s words, none of this would have been possible without the support system of her peers, colleagues and seniors within the organization

Neha is doing her bit to bring about a positive change in Nucleus and has been a part of various organizational initiatives from ‘Change Squad’ to D & I. One of her best memories was when she was instrumental in getting a Day Care Centre opened within the campus for all moms.
“It was like a dream come true for so many working parents like me” – says Neha!

For Neha maintaining a work life balance is pivotal. She states at times it becomes difficult for professionals to maintain it, but if the team is supportive it is easy. She explains that people have some critical delivery days, but those are not to endanger your personal space but to make you stronger as “The Best learning moments are derived from difficult times”. She is delighted for the support she received during her return from maternity, making her transition days easy by allowing her to work half days and management’s decision to open a Day care facility within the campus.
With Neha’s experience and learnings, she sends out a message for all new joiners:

Always be curious and never shy away in asking many questions, this is an opportunity to be seized and learn as much as you can! 
Secondly, be honest to yourself and your work. Honesty goes a long way and it will never fail you!

Truly ‘Honest hearts produce honest actions’ and Neha’s actions and thoughts speak a thousand words!