A true Jamshedpurian by nature, from the industrial town of TATA, Rashmi takes pride in her roots. She was recruited by Nucleus after completing her BTech from NIT Jamshedpur during campus placements. A newly minted engineering graduate, fascinated by numbers, codes, robotics and different technologies, was eager to make her mark in the industry and her debut was at Nucleus Software!

Rashmi had conducted a thorough research before the interview and the reason compelling her to join Nucleus was that it is a leading Indian product-based software company and the best launch pad for her career. She gave her best shot and landed the job of an Application Security Engineer and became a part of the exclusive Nucleus Software family.

Let’s get to know Rashmi!

From a fresher to an 8-year-old Senior Application security lead! – Rashmi paved her path to success just right!Rashmi’s role encompasses finding security and vulnerabilities in applications, giving L2 support to client security issues as well as engaging with third party vendors for external security certifications. Today, she is a part of Neo PQM and primarily works on security testing of Neo applications. On requirement, she renders her services to other applications as well.

Nucleus Software’s role in molding Rashmi’s life.

Rashmi is all gratitude for Nucleus to set afloat her career and help her acquire professional acumen. She thanks her mentors Varun Sir and Amit Sir for having faith in her and trusting her with many opportunities, grooming and nurturing her as an individual. The challenging and dynamic exposure at Nucleus has imbibed her with a skillset crucial to comprehending problems and creating solutions while adhering to the timelines. She shed her introvert nature as her job required her to collaborate with her team, multitasking and mingling with wonderful people. It evolved her communication skills, making her the confident person she is today.

Rashmi’s thoughts on creating a healthy work environment.

Rashmi muses that productivity and quality of work can only be achieved if work-life balance of employees is maintained. She states that today all employees struggle with the pressure to perform at times & employee burnout is resulting in chronic health issues. It is essential for organizations to create a healthy and happy work environment. In her words Nucleus treats employees as valuable assets, as happy employees result in better productivity which in turn enables the company to prosper. Therapies to improve employee mental health are practiced like Yoga, Nucleus outings, NPL etc. These recreation activities break the mundane routine and result in employee satisfaction. Flexible work hours, work from home, professional growth opportunities like upgradation and building social connections are few of the many perks that add to employee delight and make Nucleus Software an ideal place to work and thrive.

Rashmi recalls the times when she used to play tennis between her work breaks in office, it was a stressbuster and a mood lifter!

Rashmi open’s up about how she conquered work challenges

All good things come with a price tag and Rashmi’s role also has had many challenges attached. Rapid digitization has increased security threats and security vulnerabilities arise daily. To handle these Rashmi has to stay up to date in her knowledge and be a spontaneous performer. One of her memorable incidents occurred in 2015 when there was no in house testing facility for mobile apps and Rashmi had a breakthrough in her dream about a problem! She shared it with her mentor who gave her a thumbs up and her faith and passion was ignited to create a solution within a week. It was her best problem solving accolade earned!

Biggest Learnings at Nucleus Software!

Nucleus has taught her “Perseverance is the key to success”. Also, she learned that there will be many opportunities, but it is how you avail them is what ultimately matters. There will be challenges but your willingness to create out-of-the-box solutions will make you stand apart. Don’t lose focus, stay determined and believe in yourself.

Core Value of Nucleus in Rashmi’s Words

According to her “Innovation” is one core value of Nucleus that resonates with her experience. It is essential to embrace change, and garner new ideas. The existing technologies, products, processes require an amalgamation of intellect combined with understanding of the dynamics of the problems to create effective solutions.
Nucleus offers all under one umbrella, providing opportunities to brighten creative minds of both fresher and experienced individuals. Rashmi considers herself lucky to be one of them!

Rashmi’s message to all beginners is simple and clear “Keep pace with the latest technological advancements, carve your own path, work smart and maintain a healthy work life balance.”

Rashmi sums up by thanking Nucleus for providing her with a conducive environment where she could thrive and achieve holistic growth.