From an Intern to an Inspiration at Nucleus Software

On Nucleus Software’s campus, the evening Sun created a beautiful reflection on the windows of the Nucleus School of Banking Technology (NSBT) building. The interns studying in NSBT were assigned a task they had to finish by the following day. As the Sun set, eleven out of twelve interns packed their bags for the day.

One of the twelve – Om Anand Giri, now an Associate Architect in the Technology Management Group at Nucleus Software– chose not to follow the herd. As he continued to work late that evening, the sunlight outside had given way to darkness. He made sure that he focused on the work at hand, even though no one was in his peer group to help. He focused on the deadline. When it was time to submit the result the following day, much to others’ surprise, he had completed the task.

After the darkness outside through the night, quite literally, Om could see a new dawn. “If there was a defining point in my life, that was it,” Om says, recalling the days after his third year in college.

Not surprisingly, Om’s commitment to work caught the attention of ‘RP,’ who was then managing delivery for all of Nucleus Software’s customers across the globe, and now an Executive Director. Little did Om know that with his never-say-die approach, he had exhibited one of the core values that bind all Nucleites (as Nucleus Software employees like to call themselves) – the relentless and sharp focus on results.

Our environment shapes our values

Om grew up watching his Father and Uncle work hard at their farm in their village. He grew up with living, breathing examples of what industriousness looks like and what it entails. This followed suit after he joined Nucleus Software.

When he enrolled for his engineering education, their family business had raked in losses and this affected everyone. His family had to take a loan so that Om could continue with his engineering education. When he returned to college, the burden of the loan weighed heavy. Faced with a challenging situation, Om put in extraordinary effort to improve his performance during his second and third years in college. It catapulted him to the top five students in the class. These results also enabled him to qualify for the internship at Nucleus Software. His own personal values align with those of Nucleus Software, i.e., service to and for the country. In his words, the line of work he is in faces daily challenges and finding solutions to them too.

With the lockdown having disrupted his everyday routine, just like it has for others, he has shelved his passion for robotics temporarily, to focus on immediate priorities with his family. While he continues to experiment and learn more about artificial intelligence and robotics, his formal post-graduate course is also underway

Ten years into his professional career, Om has been living the old adage: if you want it, you can do it!

To the youth in India, he says “Have an enquiring mind, never give up on anything if you desperately want it to happen, and if you think that it is the most important thing in your life. Always be open to learning new things, to broaden your thinking horizons and creativity.”

Keep learning and keep going, Om!